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With sound files being passed across the internet, "remote sessions" are more and more common -- the ability for a musician to track an instrument at his or her location to a pre-existing track, and then send the studio-quality sound files back to the client to be inserted into the master recording at their own studio. Karma Frog is unique in that we offer these services on live drums, keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion AND expert harmony vocals, and that our analog-oriented style means that we play tastefully, organically and to the track at all times. Instead of having to hire multiple musicians to learn the song, with Karma Frog, you have the option of having us fill in whatever instrumental elements you lack, for one consolidated fee.


We are specialists at arranging and performing background vocals (Adam has worked with members of the Beach Boys, as have many of his posse), as you can hear here. Karma Frog is highly unusual in that we NEVER use autotune, so we get the old school harmony blend that is so difficult to capture in the 21st century.


Karma Frog specializes in fat, live drum tracks. We are in favor of drums that emphasize a rock solid groove, playing to the dynamics and structure of the song instead of going for busy fills and a cluttered track. A clean, tight, straightforward drum performance is the building block of a great master recording.


Hiring a good keyboard player can be expensive, and it's difficult to find one that will tailor their style to the track. Karma Frog specializes in getting distinctive keyboard tracks done efficiently and tastefully. Keyboard tracks and samples that are programmed into a one-size-fits-all digital workstation will usually sound sterile and lifeless. We have an array of specialized keyboards to deliver high-quality, organic sounds that bring a unique character:

Previa digital piano
Korg CX-3 digital organ (specialized for Hammond sounds)
Farfisa organ
Wurliter electric piano
Hohner clavinet
Korg X-50 (Triton samples)
Korg DSS-1 (vintage '80s synth)
EMU Vintage Pro (specialized vintage keyboard samples).

other instruments

We can provide bass guitar, rhythm/lead/acoustic guitar, and many different percussion instruments for your recording and perform them for you as well. The same theory holds true for these instruments: keep good time, play tastefully, and always respect the song. Our emphasis is always about enhancing the song (not taking it over), and building a great overall master.

We also have access to first-class musicians who can add strings, horns and exotic instruments such as theremin to your recordings.

outside sessions

Adam is also happy to travel for in-person sessions at other studios.


Varies according to the number of instruments and complexity of the project. Remote sessions usually start at around $100.