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karma frog studios - boutique production services

What is "boutique production"?

"Boutique production" is any project where we produce a recording to spec for a client, without the client being in the studio. Unlike most studios that offer this kind of service, Karma Frog specializes in real instrumentation, so you get the master-quality sound of real drums, bass, percussion, etc., without paying extra for a larger studio or outside musicians.

Some common types of boutique productions are:

Songwriting/publishing demos

Budding songwriters without the resources or ability to bring together musicians to hear their songs realized may send their songs to us to have them produced to a fully-arranged master recording that can showcase to publishers, music supervisors, etc.

Collaborative works

Some songwriters may need help completing their vision. For example, the recent Karma Beach album produced at Karma Frog was the work of two Ohio lyricists. We wrote music to the lyrics and recorded them with a full arrangement, which was later released as an album.

Another artist recently released an EP of songs that he had recorded basic tracks for at another studio many years ago. He did not have access to the original master recordings and these basic tracks only existed in the form of old cassette dubs. We were able to take the old cassette dubs and add newly-recorded arrangements around them that masked the imperfections in the original recording and helped transform them to finished productions. We even took advantage of the built-in "vintage" sound of the old dubs to help make the finished track sound more authentic! So far, nobody has been able to tell.

Custom songwriting

We can write and produce songs for people by request; for example, one client asked us to write and record a "spy theme" for them in the style of a James Bond film. It came out great!


It's not usual for artists or songwriters to record their songs and be dissatisfied with parts of the arrangement. We've had clients who have sent us recordings that they wished to be redone, perhaps in better fidelity or with electronic instruments redone as real ones, or because they liked some elements of the original recording but not others.

Backing tracks

We can also produce instrumental tracks that you can add your vocals to later, at home or at a studio convenient to you.

Scoring for film and television




How it works:

Generally clients will send us a demo or sketch of what they want. We will ask questions as needed, and then will usually complete the job in about 3-4 weeks. Clients will own the "master rights" of the recordings - they are yours to do whatever you want with; the only stipulation is that Adam Marsland's name is not used as featured artist on the recording without his permission (credit for production, music, songwriting, etc. is fine and encouraged). If Adam is a contributing songwriter, those rights are retained in proportion to his contribution to the work.


Rates vary according to the complexity of the project, but it usually costs around $650 for a fully produced, completed master recording.