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Inspired by classic studio-labels such as Stax and Ardent, Karma Frog's mission statement is simple: release albums that feature classic, analog-era values of organic production; three-dimensional, vivid arrangements; and quality songwriting, spanning a number of genres including soul, roots, power pop, and garage rock.

Founded in 2001 as a DIY operation for singer/songwriter Adam Marsland, Karma Frog amassed a track record comparable to many established independent labels, including two top 40 placements on amazon.com's sales chart, plus airplay on hundreds of college and commercial radio stations for our releases, and effective publicity for over 20 regional and national tours. After the release of his genre-spanning 2009 double album Go West, Adam began to focus more on production work at his own Karma Frog Studio (while continuing to release albums and touring in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia), which quickly became a mecca for artists looking to bring old school detail and care to their music, with The Standells and members of Earth, Wind and Fire, The Beach Boys, X, Three Dog Night and others stopping in to record.

Beginning in 2015, Karma Frog Records for the first time expanded its operations to release and promote the albums of selected outside artists who recorded at Karma Frog. With the expertise of 14 years of releasing albums and promoting tours, and a dedicated promotion staff, Karma Frog the label (like its sister studio) seeks to re-establish old school values in a new digital world -- building and growing audiences for new artists by fostering connections to the listeners, press people, radio and podcasters most likely to be interested in them, specifically targeting each new release at the grass roots level to those most likely to want to hear it.

The expanded Karma Frog Label had its "soft open" with the release of the new single by Pacific Soul Ltd. on April 21, 2015, followed by On The Go With Summer Children in August, 2015. Mod Hippie's debut release Tomorrow Then followed on October 9, 2015.

Karma Frog continued its release schedule in 2016, 2017 and 2018 with album releases by Rob Martinez, Pacific Soul Ltd., Mod Hippie and Adam Marsland (two albums each for Rob Martinez and Mod Hippie). After a year's hiatus Karma Frog will release Rob Martinez' third album, Maybe Miss America in January 2020.


Adam Marsland announces the new label expansion on Facebook, January 30, 2015:

" I've now been doing the studio for 5 years, and playing as a pro or semi-pro nearly 20. I missed a few breaks, but they made me self-sufficient at a time when the business started to tank. I learned every single task myself...up to running a record label.

"Karma Frog the label has been a functioning entity since 2001, with 8 official releases (four of which made money, two making amazon's top 40 chart), myriad radio/press campaigns (some inhouse and some not). One reason I never tried for another deal is I didn't get any offers that would do a better job than Karma Frog.

"Regardless of why people record, everyone wants to be heard. I was lucky to start out on a label (Big Deal) that had a sound and a following who were ready to listen to Cockeyed Ghost on that basis. It didn't make me famous. It did give me a platform I could parlay into a career that's still viable 19 years later. Nowadays, most of those platforms are gone.

"It's not unusual for artists to record an album and then not be sure what to do with it afterwards. It's a complicated business; just getting it pressed is a pain; forget about knowing the right people to send it to.

"I see a need here. Artists need a way to find and grow an audience. As a producer, I want to see my work be appreciated by more people. Also, it's not unusual for artists to choose a studio or producer with a certain cachet, hoping to gain a competitive edge, and wind up with an inferior product, which is a waste of resources.

"So...caps for emphasis, since I've buried the lede here:


"The model is inspired by old label-studio independent operations like Ardent and Stax. It's not about getting scattered play on this or that college station. We are going to use our experience, contacts and a custom-made mailing list to target our promotion of each album to the people most likely to be interested in it. The key focus will be finding our artists an audience that will sustain them for years to come.

"This will be a staffed operation. Jackie Spencer, who did effective promotion for Karma Frog releases in the last decade, is back, and we will be bringing in interns and other help as needed.

"A few things I need to stress.

"For now, this will ONLY be open to artists that record here, either in person or remotely. We are trying to build a brand based on live, vivid old-school sound and also I need to personally be able to get behind everything we need to promote. We also are going to be selective about whose product we release.

"If you are interested in recording at Karma Frog, either in person or remotely, and want to talk about the possibility of a future release as well, I encourage you to send a demo and I can walk you through the various ways we can make things happen.

"Much more to tell, but that's enough for now. Thanks everybody for reading. Have a great day!"